Our corporate excellence is the product of hard work and dedication of our associates. We focus on creating an environment of caring and consideration for co-workers. We host various events throughout the year such as paddle boarding, soccer, surfing, archery, softball, bowling, food and toy drives, well-being events; recognition of those who give back to the community and the maintenance of a bright and upbeat work environment.

Hybrid Environmental

Hybrid is constantly working to do our part for the environment. This includes recycling programs, the use of only phosphate-free inks, elimination of the use of styrofoam in our facilities, the gradual changing out of light bulbs to be more energy efficient, electric car charging stations for our “Green drivers” and beginning this year the implementation of educational programs that our employees can apply to both work and home life.

Hybrid Compliance

Hybrid Apparel strives to manufacture product at facilities that promote the safety and well-being of its workers. We have a comprehensive facility compliance program that monitors and ensures that the facilities manufacturing our products uphold high standards of health and safety, workplace standards, compensation, working hours, environmental laws and regulations of each facility.

We have an elevated level of compliance with various retailers and brands, such as Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Sears, Kmart, JC Penney’s, Target, Macy’s, Levi’s, Adidas Group and Disney. Adidas Group recently chose Hybrid Apparel as the first licensee to self-manage and control compliance of the facilities manufacturing their brand, Reebok.

Black Book Sessions

Black Book Session is dedicated to helping kids and teens develop their artistic skills and build a network of people that can further their creative skills through workshops and mentorships of like minded artists from many creative industries. The goal is to support and mentor those who will later give back to society and communities in a positive direction. Black Book Sessions strives to push the creative envelope In each Session. As an artistic community and family we support those that share the vision to give back and support others around them.

Our creative team and affiliates look to engage kids and those interested in all types of artistic medias and focuses on Urban/Graffiti art.

Partnerships are in process with school districts, colleges, and parents, creating an expanded support network for youth and young adults in the community alike.

Join us and follow us in expanding our family in giving back to local communities in a city near you!

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Black Book Sessions Annual Auction

Hybrid Apparel’s annual art show includes the world class team of Hybrid artists and seperators, as well as hand selected talent outside the company.

This group show assembles a unique mix of lowbrow and classic illustrators to street artists and graphic designers working in the apparel industry. It brings creative diverse people together and offers them a platform to exhibit their personal work.