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Hybrid Apparel’s award winning operations team offers “best in class” customer service, sourcing and production, and inventory management.


Customer Service
Design & Merchandising
Sourcing & Production

Customer Service

Hybrid Apparel has a dedicated customer service management team and associates ensuring expeditious and superior support. The dedicated customer service team ensures on time, accurate and flawless execution at all times. The mantra is that at all times its customers are “made whole”. Each customer service associate is dedicated to an account and is extremely well versed in specific customer and all account operational compliance requirements.

Customer service acts a liaison between the various departments and the sales team, with the objective of ensuring superior service and support for customers.

Hybrid Apparel’s streamlined processes and planning team offers our retail and licensing partner’s effective speed to retail service, aggressive replenishment programs, and superior inventory management. Our planning department is staffed with many top former buyers and planners from multiple retailers. They understand how our buyers think, plan appropriately, and collaborate in promotions where deemed necessary.

We analyze data and pursue actionable opportunities yielding efficient performance in sales, inventory, and profit. We also capitalize on individual store requirements eliminating the retailers need to engage. In recognition, Hybrid has received multiple awards from all our key Retail partners.


Hybrid manages the capabilities of a full design house, providing customers with guidance on fashion trends, original designs, and driving a significant portion of our buyers’ merchandising activities. Our customers have come to rely on these services and place significant value on both the company’s creative expertise and our feeling for the pulse of fashion and customer trends.

With a view of weekly sales reports across more than 90 major US retailers, we possess unrivaled awareness of trending products and successful themes across multiple categories.

From the Web to hidden local boutiques, to conducting internal targeted focus groups, our core creative competencies leave no stone unturned in pursuit of relevant trend research and analysis.

Sourcing & Production

Hybrid Apparel sources its products both domestically and offshore.

Domestic Sourcing and Production
The Company’s market niche was founded on a platform of superior product and service, and has mastered domestic production enabling expeditious service, while retaining quality and cost efficiency. It has accomplished this through partnering with domestic compliant mills supporting its core blank needs on a strategic versus transactional platform.

Offshore Development and Sourcing
As the company continued to grow its product assortment; the company recognized the need to source more by finished product, and less by component/raw materials necessitating a reallocation of company resources in support of this initiative.

Hybrid has a development team embedded within its sourcing group that is highly skilled at translating, validating and bridging prototype design to a completed finished commercial product.

Hybrid Apparel offers numerous embellishments and treatments on its products including all screen printing applications, flocking, wash techniques, and embroidery.